Frequently Asked Questions.

Here you will find information about the most common questions and concerns of interested pet owners. If you have any further questions, Dr Nina Bartlett will happily answer those by e-mail.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a healing technique of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and has been used for over 4000 years in humans and animals. Acupuncture is based on the vital energy of the body, acting on defined cannels called meridians, which circulates through the body and influences all body functions. If the body's energy flow is disturbed, it leads to diseases. To treat a condition needles are inserted at specific points on the meridians into the skin or muscles during the course of an acupuncture treatment. As a result, different body reactions are triggered, the energy flow is positively stimulated and thus a cure brought about.

What happens during an acupuncture treatment?

By inserting the acupuncture needles endorphins, cortisol and other endogenous neurotransmitters are released. At the same time an increased blood flow is initiated in the treated area, which relaxes the muscles.

When is an acupuncture treatment useful?

Not all diseases and conditions can be cured with acupuncture. Based on past experience and positive results of clinical studies, a personal recommendation for an acupuncture treatment is made by the veterinary acupuncturist.

Is acupuncture painful?

Most animals don’t experience the insertion of the acupuncture needle as particularly painful and relax as soon as the needle is placed. However, some animals don’t like needles - in those cases a laser is used to stimulate acupuncture points.

How often will my pet need treatment?

Treatment duration and frequency depend on the particular problem. For example, an acute problem, such as a sprain may already be resolved after one treatment, more severe or chronic ailments may need several treatments.

How do horses respond to acupuncture?

Horses generally react faster and require fewer treatments than dogs. Usually an improvement can be seen after the first treatment. Two to three treatments are considered standard, more might be necessary depending on the condition treated.

Is acupuncture allowed during the competition season?

Yes, acupuncture is no doping and is allowed by the FEI, also during a tournament. Your horses performance can be supported and enhanced during the tournament phase. This way, for example, even an acute cough can be treated without drugs.

What are the side effects of acupuncture?

As a general rule, no side effects occur with acupuncture. Horses can respond to acupuncture with increased activity or bucking. In rare cases a short-term worsening of the symptoms may appear but disappear within 24 to 48 hours. Sometimes a conventional medical work-up of the condition being treated is essential, since an acupuncture treatment can mask certain problems.

How does the animal need to be presented for the acupuncture treatment?

For hygiene reasons, only dry animals can be treated with acupuncture. In wet fur dirt particles would adhere to the needles and could thus be transported into the animal.

Where is my pet treated?

As a rule, the acupuncture treatment of horses takes place at the location of the animal. Dogs are treated in the practice rooms of Dr Nina Bartlett.

My animal is already under medical care. Can I use your services anyway?

Of course, a good working relationship with your veterinarian is welcomed.

Can other animals besides horses and dogs be treated with acupuncture?

Yes. Please contact Dr Nina Bartlett personally.