The treatment expenses for your animal. 

Acupuncture for horses

  • Initial treatment CHF 150
  • Follow-up treatment CHF 130
  • Laser or Moxa CHF 10 (additional)

Acupuncture for dogs

  • Initial treatment CHF 130
  • Follow-up treatment CHF 110
  • Laser or Moxa CHF 10 (additional)

The prices listed above include travel to destinations ≤ 10 km from 4206 Seewen, SO.  Longer journeys will be subject to an additional CHF 1.10 per kilometer, each way. If several animals are treated at the same location, resulting travel expenses will be divided between the respective owners.


Other veterinary services and medications are charged depending on service.

Cash payment is preferred, but invoiced payments are possible. Receipts are available.