Combined and to the point.

The health and wellbeing of your animal are important, especially when it is active in sport or other activities. Both long-term health and success in sport require individual medical care.


Dr Nina Bartlett offers you an effective combination of both classical veterinary medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Her in-depth knowledge in theory and praxis is the base for successful therapies where the aim is to heal your animal gently and effectively and to keep it healthy.


Not everything can or should  be treated with acupuncture.

In our veterinary practice we are passionate about looking after your small animals. We accompany your animal from newborn to old age. We help you with profilactic treatments against parasites, advise on feeding,we offer vaccinations, castrations, diagnostic medicine, treat wounds and lamenesses.

We offer conventional medicine, acupuncture and cranio sacral therapy.



We work with a digital x-ray machine, an ultrasound and an in-house lab for dignosing problems effectively. If necessary we refer you to a specialist.


We try and be here for you in an emergency as well. Should we not be able to come to your horse or see you in the practice we have an emergency ring for horse emergencies +41 61 401 41 30. Small animal emergencies get seen 24/7 in Münchenstein +41 61 515 66 66.